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Indulge in a spa-like experience with our handmade luxurious soy wax melts. Made with natural, eco-friendly soy wax, these melts release subtle yet long-lasting fragrances that are perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere in your home. With a range of tantalizing scents to choose from, you'll be able to create an ambiance that's perfect for any mood or occasion. Simply pop one in your wax warmer and let the delicious aroma fill your space. 


Available as a sample (one cube) or as a set (three cubes).

1 cube is approximately 1.2oz.

Wax Melts

  • Valencia is a uniquely luxurious blend of juicy citrus, relaxing earthy notes, with a dash of soft florals. 

    Diced Pineapples is a balanced blend of juicy pineapple and herbaceous sage.

    The Tropics is a fruity fusion of fresh mango, creamy coconut milk, and rich cocoa butter.

    Deja Vu is a smooth and elegant blend of sea salt & orchid. 

    Be Still is a relaxing blend of camphoraceous herbs, lavender, and aromatic woods. 

    Fresh Out eliminates bad odor and replaces it with a clean, fresh linen scent. Perfect for spaces with smoke and/or pet odor!

    Morning Wood.... Think Mahogany Teakwood, but better!

    Autumn Brunch is what pumpkin spice would be if it were a soul food delicacy. (This is a seasonal scent)

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