Updated: May 15, 2019

By now most of us know that the key to flawless makeup is to apply it to flawless skin. So, we remove our makeup with wipes, micellar water, and cleanser. Then we exfoliate, drink some water, tone, drink more water, and apply serums and moisturizer. Well, at least we try to do all of these things lol. Despite taking all of these many steps, our efforts will be in vain if we do not give our makeup brushes the same care. Dirty makeup brushes can not only cause breakouts, but they could also cause spotty application and/or make blending difficult due to trapped oils and/or debris. According to, concealer and foundation brushes should be cleansed weekly (beauty blenders too), eyeshadow brushes twice a month, and all other brushes once a month. Not going to lie, I've failed to do this plenty of times. However, I do spray my brushes with Elf's daily brush cleaner and give them a good swirl on a paper towel after each use. It is also a good idea to give your beauty blender a quick clean before each use since you're going to use it while it is wet anyways. Another tip is to never dry your brushes on top of a towel, this can cause mildew to grow on your brushes.... Which you will then put on your face, EWWW! Oh, and don't forget to replace your beauty blenders about every 4 months, and your brushes as needed. Now, go give your brushes a quick and thorough wash!

Wishing peace, blessings, and flawless skin all 2k19- Vanity ❤

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