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Updated: May 19, 2019

Reasons Why You Should Apply Sunscreen Daily

I know what you're thinking. "Girl I'm BLACK! I have natural sunscreen built within my skin!"... While this is true, we do have more naturally occurring sun protection than our counterparts, but we are still prone to (yes) cancer, free radicals, and burns.

You Tripping, "Black Don't Crack"

Ahhh, yes! One of my favorite quotes. While it definitely holds truth to it, we have come to believe that our skin has Captain America's shield built in. In reality, our skin has been placed on it's much deserved pedestal due to our good ol melanin. Our melanin can block UV rays up to SPF 13, but this is not enough to prevent skin cancer. It is recommended that we use SPF 30 daily by dermatologists. What's worse is that we are more likely to die from skin cancer than our counterparts! Not because it attacks us differently, but because we simply stand and live by the quote "my black don't crack". We do not educate ourselves on the signs of skin cancer, and we are more likely to allow it to progress further than others.

Free Radicals?! Free is For Me!

While the word "free" is usually enticing, there is nothing attractive about free radical damage. One way the free radicals are produced is by UV rays. Free radicals cause extensive damage to our skin by a process called oxidation. To put this in to perspective for how bad free radicals are for your skin, there are theories that free radicals cause Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and even diabetes! No, I am not saying that you will develop these diseases by not using sunscreen, I just want you to understand how bad they are for us in general. In terms of skincare, free radicals are thought to be the main culprits of skin aging by reducing skin elasticity and creating fine lines and/or wrinkles.

Ain't Nothing Wrong With a lil Tan

You're absolutely right! I love showing off a fresh sun-kissed tan, but there's a thin line between sun-kissed and burned (at least this is true living in Florida). Remember the scene in the Spongebob movie where Spongebob and Patrick were left to dry under the heat lamp?

That's our skin drying in the sun with time lapse. It is said that it takes about 13-20 minutes for darker skin types to burn in the sun without protection at a UV index of 6-7. Once our skin burns, it will produce excess melanin. and guess what! Those dark spots and blemishes are going to get darker! UV rays tend to be the strongest during the times of 10am-4pm. You are preventing yourself from achieving an even skin tone, leaving yourself exposed to free radical damage, and cancer each time you leave the house without applying sunscreen, so apply sunscreen daily and stop playing yourself!

Wishing you peace, blessings, and flawless skin! - Vanity ❤

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